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Angel Around My Neck
Cross By My Eye
19th-Oct-2007 09:59 am
I just want to SCREAM!!!!!
I want someone to pay and be broken and bleed. I want to face them and cut them and slap them until they can't stand or walk or talk. I want their hands and eyes and feet mounted on my wall. I want the police to find these scum and hold them down while I beat them to a bloody pulp.
Not only are they cowards to break into my home while I'm gone, but to be stupid enough to want only the guns, not the brand new computer with the LCD flat screen that's just sitting out in the open, not the reloading equipment that means you never have to pay full price for ammo again, not the tv's not the dvd player or dvds, not the stereo, or the money just sitting out for anyone to take. NO, they just wanted the guns, but the guns were all in a locked safe and when they couldn't find the keys, making a complete ransack in the process they just took the safe. Then idiots that they are tried to shot the safe open. Of course by that time they had already got the safe out of the house, onto a truck, and up the road. They took it to a field not too far away, I could probably get there in less than ten minutes, and then tried to shoot it open. HELLO, this is an actual real life safe, not a movie script. And you are not professionals. And what happens to a somewhat fragile item in a big metal safe after you drag it here and there and throw it in a truck and drive it up the highway and then try to put shot through it. You damage the item you're after. This is not money, this is not diamonds, these are guns. They break. Easily.
At the same time the deputy was responding to our call, another was responding to bright lights and shots in a field. Some neighbor probably thought they were spotlighting deer. Thank god for honest people. So they didn't get the guns, that means they can't use them or put them on the streets. They destroyed our safe, and they still got away with two tool boxes, both older than me, and full of a small fortune in tools. Hand tools, gun tools, almost all older than me, which means they were made when things were meant to last for the next hundred years, that rips me up more than the guns. That they got away with them and probably don't even realize what they have.
And all I can think about is that it's probably someone we see almost everyday, or someone who knows them. I had to be someone who's seen my dad loading the car on the way to target practice, and just recently too, because he hasn't gone alot this year. Someone who saw him last week, the week before, someone we drive by on the way to work, on the way home, it's not hard to get our schedule, no car home, one light on. Saw one leave earlier, saw the other leave later. All the neighbors closed their doors and went inside for the night. Because it had to of been after eight, and we got home right before nine thirty, and they were responding to the safe call at the same time as ours. They didn't even take any ammo.
Broken through the back door, broke the catch on the screen, crowbarred the door lock. We're getting deadbolts this morning.
They didn't hurt the dog but she won't go to where it happened, I think she must of tried to scare them but only ended up scared.
I can see where they dragged it through the yard, where it was laying on its side. I want them to bleed and pay for what they've done. I know God will take care of it and they'll have horrible karma for they rest of their lives, I just want the rest of their lives to be two seconds and then hit by a big rig.
And now it rains.
The deputy said we should be able to get our guns back in about fifteen days, That's just a little too long for me, I have the money and a clean record I should be able to go out and get one for my room on monday, as in how I don't know if they issue permits on friday and the weekend to see what I want. Preferably something that'll leave a big hole in someones' chest.
19th-Oct-2007 03:20 pm (UTC)
JKLDFJDKSLFJDKLSJFKDLSJFKLSDJFKLJDKLSJFDUIOUFIODJKFLDHJIFYHJGHTIUYUIOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 whattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt? UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH poor guns, poor safe, poor you, poor daddy, poor wendy. ;-;
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