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Angel Around My Neck
Cross By My Eye
23rd-Dec-2007 09:36 am
It's not that I don't like Christmas, I do, truly I do. It's just that there's so much of it. And it starts right after Halloween. I like the lights and trees and ornaments and smells of it. I even like what it means. But after all of that we still have one day of the year where we have to go and get something for other people. It makes our wallets cry. And while we don't do anything big at my house anymore we still have to do something. I make the big dinner, I put up the tree (fake this year), I get presents for daddy, some he knows about some he doesn't. Daddy pays for the big dinner, admires the tree, gets me presents all of which I know about despite me telling him repeatedly to surprise me. I even made a list with prices and locations and he still has me go pick them out. Then we go visit the grandmother and aunt. It's routine. It's an obligation. And this day could come and go without me blinking an eye. Except then I have to clean up from the big dinner and take down the tree and clean up the wrapping paper. And go to work the next day.
But then it's over and the new year a week later, more making the wallet cry. And then we're done until Easter. Which luckily for me and mine we don't do anything for except eat the chocolate.
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