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The Update 
14th-Aug-2016 11:32 pm
So I'm not sure exactly how long it's been since my last post but I got an email saying my password had been reset or needed be reset or something and I don't know if this was a site wide thing or someone trying to access my journal, if the latter then no, back off, mine.
So first things first, I got a really good job, union pay and health, really freaking easy labor wise, almost no stress on my mind or body. So of course it was too good to last. Just a little over two years later they had a massive lay off, more than half of the factory, whole departments gone in a blink, people who had been with the company for ten or more years gone, and the blood letting of the management was never ending. It was a really surreal experience to witness and go through.
I then spent about a solid month in shock. I did nothing but watch dramas and anime and figure out that I really need only about four hours of sleep for such a sedentary life.
I have a semblance of a plan to advance though, first thing is taking test to prove that I am not stupid and am in fact an actual functioning adult. Then I can take specialty courses for a 'quick career'. After that is in place I can see about an actual degree. I just figured that the world really isn't like when my parents were my age (coughyoungercough) and could go from job to job without higher learning. So I need a base, it sucks and it's not an overnight thing, and it's probably going to involve more work than I really want to put into anything, but after it's done then it's something solid to stand on and say I have.

On the lighter side of life I've become obsessed with Haikyu!! In the way I haven't cared about an anime or manga since Sailor Moon obsessed, I mean yeah I liked them, even bought them, watched them, read them, cared for as long as it was in my hands or line of sight. But this is something I think about almost all of the time, I'm trying to not be overly involved, checking for constant updates and such, but it's just such a nice story, the characters are really great, even if there is a shit load of them. But it's nice having a story that I can just escape into again and just let it happen and not worry too much about it, it is a sports manga after all.
22nd-Aug-2016 07:43 pm (UTC)
Nothing wrong with a sports manga. :) I admit, I've watched the Prince of Tennis OAVs several times.
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